I Guess That I Am Sort of a Photograher

I really do not have much of the things that you really need, but I do know people who are willing to lend me the stuff I need and even a studio. I have been friends with this guy named Kyle ever since we lived across from each other. I was in third grade and he was in fifth grade at first. At any rate he become a really good photographer and taught me how to do it. He got the job to help with the web page for a Las Vegas Asian escorts site, and he made me buy him a 12 pack of beer so that I could be his assistant while he took the photos of three incredibly hot Asian girls. I was really hooked then, especially after one of them began to tease me. She thought I was cute and figured it would be fun to bet the others on how long I could last in her hands. I did better than she thought, but it was hardly an endurance race.

Kyle is out traveling all over the place now. A lot of the time he just goes places that he wants to go and figures that he can make money taking pictures of the landscape and whatever he happens to find. Other times he gets freelance assignments. He specializes in shooting bikini models and luckily for me a lot of them show up at the studio here thinking that I am as good as he is at that. I am definitely trying very hard and I study the work. The real problem is not that I am not good enough with the camera, instead I am not good enough at doing make up and I do not have the means to hire someone that is. You need that to do really high quality work.