Harley Swiftdeer Reagan- His Valued Contribution to The World!

Today, if you take a look at life you will find that man has become robotic and more like a zombie. He gets up in the morning and has a fixed routine that he follows day in and out. He misses out on the joys of life. Even small tasks and things he tends to ignore as his mind is preoccupied with the next task at hand. This is surely not life. There is no joy and with the passage of time, the zest for life and living tends to disappear. Life becomes a burden and this of course is not healthy for any man or woman at all. It is time for you to wake up and discover the real meaning of life- this will only enrich your soul and make your contribution to life and self in a valuable way!

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan- A Man with many talents

There are some great teachers that come into the world to change the lives of their fellow human beings and transform suffering into joy. One such human was Harley Swiftdeer Reagan who created The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society with the mission of preaching to the world the joys of The Wheels and Keys of The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. This group was created in 1986 and since then it has been instrumental in transforming the lives of millions across the world.

Understanding the Wheels and Keys of The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path

The Wheels and Keys of The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path are valuable tools that he taught to the world. He said that Grandmother Earth protects humans and She is here to give man and woman freedom to live a harmonious life with self and others. Life should have beauty and meaning. Every human has the keys to this inner bliss and the Path shows them how to unlock these Keys for a happy and valuable life. The Path has helped many people across the world fight challenges and emerge as free souls who live life with harmony, peace and compassion.

Teachers that are devoted towards your wisdom and happiness

The Path is guided and mandated by a selected few that are called The Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders. They are experienced and revered teachers that help members work on their inner selves. They provide you with the gateway of spiritual awakening and the evolution of your soul.

The Wheels and Keys of The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path by Harley Swiftdeer Reagan has helped millions across the world discover knowledge, beauty and wisdom. Life has become meaningful and they are able to connect themselves to nature and the environment better. The Society holds many ceremonies, classes and workshops that help members to evolve and walk on this beautiful Path. The Society is open to everyone who wishes to transform life and make it beautiful. It is one of the best gifts that Swiftdeer has given to mankind and he will always be loved and respected for it by everyone!