Could windows become the new solar panels?

Most of us are all too aware of the damage that we have done to planet earth. In a bid to preserve our planet for future generations, many of us are striving to be as environmentally friendly as we can.

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We need to look in to every different area when it comes to saving our planet. We can start by looking at home energy-saving measures.

The Double Glazing Which Delivers So Much More

Industry experts have been interested to learn about the latest innovation in home modifications. Scientists at Berkeley Lab have discovered a new potential ground-breaking home modification. They demonstrated how a window can collect green electricity just like a solar panel. Detailed information can be found about this at Eurekalert.

If your windows are not up to the job, contact, who provide double glazing in Cheltenham and the surrounding area. New windows can have a big effect on the energy-efficiency of your home.

Peidong Yang, who led the study, believes that with a device of this type a car or a building can generate solar energy through the use of the smart window.

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Photovoltaic and Thermocromic

The windows are made from photovoltaic material. This is far from new but has, to date, only been used to make windows that work like transitions lenses, adjusting to ever-changing light levels. They become transparent when dark and cold and in turn darken when the light levels outside increase. This has become a more popular and widely available energy-saving option. This is made possible as photovoltaic glass is also thermocromic. Thermocromic pigments are inherently temperature-sensitive. They change colour when heated up or, conversely, cooled down. It is a useful material for indicating, for example, if a drink is hot.

Yang observed that the only catalyst required for the window to activate is a slight temperature change or the introduction of a modicum of water vapour in order to initiate the process. The smart window technology, he believes, compares extremely favourably with conventional semiconductors.

Highly Efficient

It also has high efficiency, and the ease of processing has made it an extremely popular area of development in solar technology. A further advantage of this material is that there is no degradation of the electronic properties of the window pane when it transitions through opposing states.