Why you will want summertime dresses as part of your closet this season

Once the heat level goes up, you will  want an outfit that is a lot more presentable than a T-shirt and shorts but still delivers a level of comfort. Dresses are often the best solution. Different dress styles from a maxi to a mini are easy to wear, give you a feminine appearance, are bright and breezy and perfect for all situations. Therefore, your wardrobe really needs a selection of light, comfy, summer dresses from which to select every day. Keep reading for some good suggestions on which dress variations to incorporate in your wardrobe to accomplish that ultimate chilled summer vibe.


Nearly sweeping the floor with ones maxi dress tends to create an incredibly snazzy and sophisticated look, especially for the tallest of women. This truly is a style of gown that’s straightforward to slip on with fashion accessories as well as the added bonus of designer jewellery. Maxi dresses are a must for any woman’s wardrobe. High heel sandals or flats work equally well along with a maxi dress, and screams out for going all out on your make-up. Go to AX Paris for Maxi Dresses


The midi dress is best suited to those who are tall. The best look for the midi come July 1st is definitely a bold colour matched with flatter shoes as well as a stand-out bag to enhance it.

The Slip Dress

This dress is lightweight and offers a flirty feel as well as provides an immense level of flexibility for different events. Whether you wear it with some beach front sandals for a summertime day out or slide on some stilettos and trendy earrings for going out to the nightclub, the slip dress is perfect for either. Slip on any style of jacket for cool evenings too. The slip dress transforms from day use to nightwear seamlessly.

Little Black Dresses

Many believe you should avoid black in warm weather, however the little black dress is actually so versatile and functional that it ought to never be overlooked, even in the summer months. Don’t pay attention to those that state the black dress isn’t appropriate for summer, because the age-old LBD pays no attention to the seasons, it just simply works all year around. Black compliments all body shapes and the little black dress looks amazing when it’s the centrepiece or when paired with cheerful statement colours for visual comparison. Pair along with a stylish designer handbag and sparkling diamond earrings and diamond necklace for a little black dress that performs equally well on a heated summertime day or evening.

Tailored Knee-Length

 For all those looking for a sophisticated, dressy outfit, tailor-made knee-length dresses really are a much-adored wardrobe essential. A tailored dress is the best choice for any celebrations where only the best will be suitable, such as wedding receptions, parties at work,visits to a cocktail bar, networking or garden get-togethers. The knee length really makes it an elegant, classy solution if you’d prefer not to go for the floor-length dress.  Available in a vast selection of fabrics and colours, you shall most definitely track down the perfect tailored knee length dress for you  When you need to generate an even more chic aura, then this outfit goes perfectly with a traditional blazer.