Harmful Effects of Burning Green Waste

We dispose of a lot of organic or green waste from our homes almost every day. As a matter of fact, they comprise a significant portion of our total garbage. Unlike other rubbish that can only be disposed of by dumping, green waste can still be useful. These wastes are made up of organic matter that can be used as biofuel or an agent which can help with safe sewage disposal. Maybe it’s the lack of awareness or our own laziness that explains why most of us burn green waste instead of making them renewable and useful. Yes, burning green waste is a quick and easy method; but do you know the negative impact it has on us and the environment we live in?

Whether burning them in our backyard or in landfills, doing so can cause harm to us in one way or another, over a period of time. Do you want to know why burning organic or green waste is such a bad idea? Here are some reasons why.

  1. Burning green waste harms your health and safety. The smoke produced from burning green waste can jeopardise the lives of children and also those with existing respiratory conditions. The smoke from green waste flames contains toxic fumes and chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. It can cause asthma attacks and can even make a healthy person ill. Aside from causing deadly diseases like cancer or liver failures, such practice can also result in uncontainable fires if accidentally mixed with highly flammable substances like oil.
  1. Burning green waste harms the environment. Organic wastes when burned can lead to land, water and air pollution. We have heard about global warming and the greenhouse effect. We also learned what’s causing them, and we’re already experiencing these unpleasant effects at the moment. Burning green waste can produce smokes containing volumes of methane and carbon dioxide. Both of them are greenhouse gases that are causing these bad environmental phenomena.
  1. Burning green waste harms the economy. When we continue to burn our green waste, it could lead to the destruction of our agricultural areas. Forests where we get lumber and other produce from could be wiped out because of large fires. Plants and crops will be damaged because of land pollution and climate change; and fishes and other aquatic resources will be gravely affected by water pollution. We can’t afford this on a large scale. 

A Good Alternative: Hire Skip Bin Services

One way of encouraging people to not burn their green waste is for the local government to place an accessible industrial skip bin where citizens can dispose of their organic rubbish. After filling up the big container with organic wastes, the local government can proceed with the sustainability process of converting them to biofuel. With better access to Green Waste Skip Bins Perth,  it is more convenient for residents to regularly observe proper disposal of this type of waste. At the same time, we get to lessen the burden we place on Mother Earth.