The Effectiveness of Bird Control Companies

Bird control companies can often be very effective if they are using the most common and effective methods. In this blog post we’ll be discussing some of those methods that all of your local bird control companies should be using to remain in service and of the highest quality.

One of the most controversial ways for us to control birds and where the go is to use what’s called Shock Trapping. This is controversial because what it does is essentially send a small shock through the bird’s body if they land on anything with the shock trap installed. But, it has been proven to be quite safe and doesn’t affect the birds in any seriously negative way, it just works to scare them off!

Another method that is useful is Bird Spikes. Again, people think these are dangerous to the birds but they are quite harmless. They remove the ability for the birds to nest and land on the places they are placed, and are often blended into the environment so that even the most brave of birds will notice them and realize that it’s not the place to land and roost.

Another interesting and frankly humorous way to scare away birds from certain locations is to use fake googly eyes. These can often relay how an owl may look and owls scare birds away, so the eyes will frighten the birds and they will be reluctant to stay around! It’s also the most harmless one that I’ve mentioned here, so not too bad for those that have a soft spot for birds but just don’t want them around to annoy you.

In conclusion, we’ve spoken about bird trapping with bird spikes and spike trapping as well as installing googly eyes which are all extremely effective methods to keep the stray birds under control. Thanks for reading and have a good day.